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Rambler's Top100


Pantomiman - фото

Имя: George Agaronov

Стили: Psy Trance

Откуда: Москва

Лейблы: Blitz Studios/ Party People/ Doof Rec.

Pantomiman is George Agaronov (or Gosha for short), a Russian, Moscow-based psytrance producer with some extra flavour on top - he is a professional mime who comes from a family of circus comedy performers! Early in his childhood years Gosha began playing musical instruments, performing on stage and later composing his parts for a circus band. When Gosha was a teenager he discovered electronic music and a bit later towards the late nineties Gosha discovered something that felt very natural to him - psychedelic trance. Since then Gosha has been developing and working on his own sound, partly with an expert guidance from Alex Parasense. The past few years Pantomiman has spent DJ'ing and playing live around Russia entertaining crowds with his very special and very funny musical shows. Needless to say Pantomiman's music is a psychedelic circus act in itself. Sometimes more aggressive and twisted, sometimes more nostalgic and funky music by Pantomiman never fails to surprise and excite. Pantomiman's groovy bass lines and comical themes make people dance and laugh at the same time, while of course his skilful sound synthesis guarantees that a trip will be adventurous, joyful and amusing. Pantomiman’s tracks have been taken for releases by such quality labels as Doof Records, Sundance, Up Records, EPP Records and Blitz Studios.